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4 definitions by Hannah Lumpkins

A happy place where innocent little children go to buy candy! Shame on you, where you expecting something different!
Bobby bought a lolipop at the candy shop.
by Hannah Lumpkins June 09, 2005
A highly intellectual person who is greatly envied by those who are not as bright. Often insulted and excluded due to jealousy.
She is a computer nerd...lets insult her!
by Hannah Lumpkins June 08, 2005
A figurative pill you can give someone when they are...
A. High
B. Hyper
C. Hyperventilating
Woah dude, take some deep breaths and a chill pill.
by Hannah Lumpkins June 09, 2005
A weird word that can be added to another word following a hyphen to give your speech a weird flare.
That pom-pom is a fuzzy-lumpkin
by Hannah Lumpkins June 09, 2005