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Julia is usually brown haired, and is super skinny. They love life and they love most people, others can just get on their nerves. Some Julia's can fall in love to quick so they have to watch out! They can do anything that they put their minds to and usually get what they want! They can be really good a getting the fellas to fall for 'em! They are athletic, artsy, good at dancing and love a good party! They can also like a good book! They find themselves attracted to what's inside a person not whats on the outside, but they do like some eye candy! Julia's care most about their family and friends and will do anything for them! They can kick people's butts if you say or do anything to the ones they are about, she's a bad mamma jamma! They thing they do most is listen to music that's their life!! Lastly Julia's are very fashion forward!! Next time you see a Julia tell them their beautiful and you'll be sure to win their heart!
Oh wow I've never seen a girl look like that she must be a Julia
by Hannah Lingo March 29, 2013

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