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One of the best citys in England, nearly everyone who lives here, or comes to visit loves it. The people here are friendly and although it gets called 'gunchester', its really not that bad. It has a mint city centre, and although our accent is kinda naff, its summat to be proud off. It's got one of the best teams going - Manchester United, and Manchester City, who arn't that bad. Theres also loads to do here, with loads of opportunitys! Loads of well known people, celebs and bands have come out of Manchester, and we're defo home to some of the best musical talent! Manchester, the home of true mancunians!
Guy 1: Y'alright are kid?
Guy 2: Yeye just scrannin innit
Guy 1: Comin down Manchester tonight?
Guy 2: Yeye, it's the place to be!
by Hann3rr January 10, 2009
something a boy says when he see's a 'fit' girl, usually to a mate
*see's hot girl*
guy 1 : oi dan look !
guy 2 : areeba ! areeeeeeba ! ;)
by hann3rr August 12, 2008

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