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braclet thingies. they can be any colour ever, and also metallic, sparkly, neon, etc.

emos use them to hide the slits that they have made in their wrists. which i think is wierd...

the 'tradition' thing goin' on is that if someone snaps one of your shag bands, well, then you have to fuck them.

ps. shag bands are v. hard to snap...
(sign on bucket of shag bands in quiggins/afflecks palace/morgana)


(which isnt bad... XD LMFAO)
by Hann February 15, 2006
only the coolest music ever. no metal band is the same, they all have their own theme-ish thing. ie. korn= fuck you, etc.. whereas slipknot=love love, cant live without her... schmeh schmeh schmeh...
y'all wanna single say FUCK THAT

metal is awesomer than your gran's shoe (guaranteed)
by Hann February 05, 2006

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