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Verb; an involuntary movement resulting from a barrage of random alcoholic beverages.
Jason drank too many beers now he is doing the Bolton Shuffle.
by Hank the tank September 06, 2013
when a chick bones a guy out of sympathy
The only reason I've had sex is because of mary rotten-crotch's charity work
by Hank the Tank August 12, 2003
See Also: Andy walking at 4AM
Andy was too wasted to do the walton shuffle so we had to carry his irish ass inside
by Hank the Tank August 12, 2003
Short for re-model, but really meaning "to destroy" in regard to a sexual or vulgar manner.
"bro, last night I totally RE-MO'd that chicks vag." or "dude, I drank too much Kickin Chicken (Wild Turkey) stop the car before I RE-MO the back of your Avalanche!!"
by Hank the Tank October 03, 2005

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