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5 definitions by Hank Kaplan

Noun: Someone Resembling the douchy qualities of Shia LeBouf.
"Paco's such a Shia LeDouche sometimes."
"Fosho, dude. The other day he was following me around and making fun of five year-olds.
"What a Shia LeDouche!"
by Hank Kaplan May 25, 2008
An Exclusive, Elite, underground Fight Club in San Francisco. It is located next to shanghai bazaar. Only orientals may enter.
"Dude i got my tits twisted last night."
"Where? At Chinatown Fight Club."
by hank kaplan May 25, 2008
Noun: One with Blonde Jew Fro. Possible obesity.

A person resembling the likeness of Therman Murman in BAD SANTA. One might have blonde, jew-fro attributes and qualities in their hair.
"Dan looks like Therman Murman."
"Your right, dude! His hair's like a blonde Jew."
by Hank Kaplan May 25, 2008
When a woman is pregnant and misses her period she is cuntstipated.
"I think I'm cuntstipated. I haven't had my period in three months."
by Hank Kaplan May 23, 2008
Noun: An effect occurring after such extensive periods of masturbation. The effect will either be that of: lack of semen or "cum"; or no semen at all.
"Haha Dan can't cum."
"Dude, I just have blasturbation real bad!"
"Dan, no. You just can't cum."
by hank kaplan May 27, 2008