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To rim an Italian man
Sally is such a slut. She picked a random mob guy and tossed his spaghetti.
by Hank Gerald April 02, 2005
The Red River Steamboat is when someone places the bottom of their cup in ketchup, then asks a restaurant worker for a refill. The worker puts his hand around the bottom of the ketchup--OH NO!!! Ketchup on his hand!
It took forever to get our food, so we got the waitress back by using the ol' Red River Steamboat.
by Hank Gerald March 09, 2005
A Boston Teabag Party is executed between two persons who are being carnal. One partner defecates on the other's scrota, then fellates said scrota.

This move was invented by Carrot Top.
Linderdouche had a Boston Teabag Party last night at his place....with his dog.
by Hank Gerald March 09, 2005
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