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8 definitions by Handy Man

Tough guy who never forgets who fucked him up - dangerous mother-fucker.
Larden kicked the shit out of the cunt.
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
A gentle banter-type remark to get a slagging match underway.
How are you Ballsie?
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
Macca is the preferred nickname of one whose second name begins with 'Mc' or 'Mac'. Usually preserved for tossers with red hair who go to university to look good.
See wanker
Hear about Macca last night?
Yeah he's such a gobshite
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
When one with the name Alan, Aidan, etc. displays feminine qualities in the formative years the name Alice may be conferred onto them. In an attempt to garner friendship with said loser, a tosser might imbue the term Alice with a more masculine association - hence Aliss.
I always spell it 'Aliss' - that's a nice nickname
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
A term of endearment to one who posesses a head/haircut which resembles the top of the male reproductive organ.
Alright Knob, what's up!
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
The nickname of one whose name begins with 'D'. Often spends alot of time in the bookies and drinks too much.Likes his women fat but doesn't like his friends knowing that he's not really a playa
Dazza: you are a disgrace!
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
Potential for goofy lookin' young fella called Seán. Idiot but harmless.
Ah, Shux boy you crack me up!
by Handy Man April 07, 2005