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Japanese word:タき pronounced Tah-key.

Used as a common name for foot wear, rivers, and restaurants. Literal translation mean "two" or "double" is a positive word used to describe something as Really good, or very powerful.

づりタき(Duli Taki)= two rivers in a Japanese Myth where twin samurai faced each other in a battle of honor vrs transgression. Now many who revere the legend use Taki as an honorific.

examples in products:

Japanese steak house: www dot takijapanesesteakhouse dot com

Taki used in shoes:
www dot chainreactioncycles dot com/Models.aspx?ModelID=9512

Taki in video games:
en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Taki_ (Soulcalibur)
Otmoro and Wushi met at the river Taki and had a great battle.

I am at a Duli Taki, and cannot decide if I want to quit my job or just keep my head down and keep working. It's killing me.

Watashi O' name wa Taki desu. Dozu yoro shiku.
(Hello my name is Taki. It is nice to meet you.)
#river #honor #transgression #twins #reflection #excellent #divine #legendary
by HanaOtomi March 20, 2012
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