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Ejaculation, man's milk, pipi juice
Maria doesn't like the taste of leche de mipalo, however her sister Tiffany could drink a gallon a day.

The spanish desert "Tres Leches" is made from leche de vaca, leche evaporada, and leche de mipalo. This is always served with a chilled fork and topped of with a nice merangue topping.
by HanSoloRRT April 16, 2008
Name given to a very rare disease state where the body doesn't respond to any treatment and doctor's are dumbfounded not knowing what is wrong with the person afflicted.

Morrong Fever was first discovered by a respiratory therapist in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Although discovered in Florida, Morrong Fever may be developed in any country, contrary to popular belief, Morrong Fever can occur in any climate.
Person eats a morrong fish and develops morrong fever. The unfortunate individual dies of Morrong Fever at a local hospital. Mosquitos, pigeons, certain reptiles, rodents, and certain species of reef fish.
by HanSoloRRT April 14, 2008
Those who insist on going through the supermarket line with 12 items when the line is for 10 items or less. These are the same holes that want to pay with a check in the "Cash Only" lane.
John is an express hole, he routinely attempts to check out through the 10 items or less express lane with 12 items.
by HanSoloRRT April 16, 2008
Morrong by itself may also mean the person is a "dick head" as in an idiot, moron, or a just plain nasty individual.
Chencho is a morrong, he is always rude to his co-workers.
by HanSoloRRT April 16, 2008
Spanish word for morrong. Word is related to certain species of fish, poultry, certain farm animals, and also may reference the pinga, penis, or the Puerto Rican bicho.
While playing in the farm with some of the sheep, Junior accidentally cut his morronga and developed Morrong Fever.

While playing in the desert with some of the camels, Ahmed accidentally cut his morrong and developed Morrong Fever, secondary to Kakus exposure.
by HanSoloRRT April 16, 2008

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