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To show embarassment,like blushing.
- <-----Eyes

/ <-----Blush thing

by Hamu August 15, 2006
People think this town is so great....but it sucks,also people think everyone that lives here is rich,but thats Bullshit.Some of our parents bought the land before it was worth something.

Basically New Hope is A Hippy Town,filled with Stores,Resturants,and Rich Assholes.Tourist are every where,and most of them are stupid as hell,There are spoiled brats alot of them their parent's let them do whatever they want,but than there are parent's like mine that are strict and poor.

There are alot of Hippies,Gay dudes,and Fucking motorcyclers that sit in front of that bar with their Engines on.

Sure tourist love it here,but the people that live here hate it,It's not speacil or fun so I suggest you move some where...Else. Funnist thing to do if you live here make fun of the ugly fat tourist and pick up a hobby (Skateboarding)
New Hope,It's not that great.
by Hamu August 12, 2006

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