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Acronym for: ‘Crying And Masturbating’. Derived from an emotion or feeling one has after coming to terms with the absence of a goal or achievement desired (most commonly entailing the female species). In its defined form to cry over something while at the same time masturbating over it, commonly used as a humorous antic to express to others the extreme brutality of ones failure.
2. CAM town, Used to represent an upcoming or past event where individuals at this event will either be CAMing or an individual will be CAMing about making an appearance at this event.
Person A: I really wanted to load that woman over there
Person B: you are an ugly mut and you have no chance
Person A: when I get home im gonna cam over that woman

Person A: Cottams BBQ was the biggest CAMtown known to mankind
Person B: agreed
by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) October 24, 2004
Acronym, stands for: "Great Minds Think Alike".

Used to express to other individuals that you are thinking the same thing as they are.
Person A: "Let's go for a tal' tour."
Person B: "I was just thinking that!"
Person A: "GMTA."
by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) October 14, 2004
1. Acronym for 'Fucking Let Down'. Used in the case of a young large slapper, or commonly known as a 'big cat' amongst his allies for using a complete lack of organisation and innitiative at key moments (eg. crap corner in the game of Dallas). Has a history of family disownership, hence the resulting title 'Fucking Let Down'
2. FLD can be used to describe anything that has been built to extreme levels of anticipation but failed to reach that point.
- The Real Direz, Jesus Spaz
Person A: "Yeah... I'm like really good at Dallas. Probably the best you'll ever see"
*Person A does a complete shithouse kick and loses the ball on the roof of the library
Person B (and associates): "F..L..D!"
by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) October 23, 2004
Originally derived from the mishearing of the phrase "shotgun not", in the instance of which, the mishearer may enquire as to what the term means declaring they have mistaken it for 'sugarnut'. In the present day it essentially acts as a general purpose inquiry and is virtually interchangable with "What?".
"What is all this sugarnut shit?"

by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) October 07, 2004
"Brick" is accepted in some communities as the inverse of "brill". It can be used alone, or as an adjective. Literally translates to "bad", "not very good", or similar negative descriptor, the severity being contextually dependent.

"This is so brick; my boss wants me to work without loading on this public holiday."
by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) October 08, 2004
Dildo Whip. The act of producing a dildo from self, and assaulting the receiver of the DW by administering a swift blow to the head with said dildo.
Receiver: "Sprung, I mean, she's not that good. like, c'mon guys, she's not everything. Fuck, I'm so hard."

Giver: "DEE-Dub!" *performs standard issue regulation DW*

Onlookers: "Brill."
by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) December 13, 2003
(Acronym for Tumble-Weed) - Derived from motion pictures and TV sitcoms where the exposure of one's social imcompetencies is met by looks of silenced despair. One may hear the fall of a pindrop or the silent howl of the wind during these painful few seconds.
(At a party which isnt exactly 'going off')
Person A:"Yeah... so how 'bout those ducatis eh?"
Person B: "Yeah...."
(Tumbleweed rolls by)
- jesus spaz
by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) October 23, 2004
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