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4 definitions by Hammond

The phenomenon observed when the moon is partially obscured by a light covering of cloud. Usually refers to the full moon in early evening.
I looked up and saw the moonila glowing in the eastern sky.
by Hammond March 27, 2005
Refers to the attributes associated with being a prodigy or prodigal and a combination of the two. Ie. Someone with exceptional talents although can be wastefully extravangant.
Halina was prodigical. She was a a music genius but wasted her talents by practising endlessly.
by Hammond March 27, 2005
A person who is pedantic in library rules.
Your mom is a library nazi!
by Hammond March 27, 2005
'this is the worst internet site in the world....therefore IT IS THE BEST!!'
fuck, this word doesnt really work...we didnt think it through...
by hammond February 10, 2005