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One that is so graceful, elegant, and spectacular while performing various types of dances, that every female claws and scraps at just the chance of being the himmel’s partner. A Himmel displays moves that are so superior no one has ever seen them before. Specialties include the following: fox trot, waltz, jitterbug/swing, and cha cha.
"Owe I want to dance with him, he dancing so well, like a himmel" all the girls kept saying.
by Hammer March 01, 2004
An all round, jolly good chap
You wanna hold onto that one Laura, he's a real Fricker!
by Hammer January 07, 2004
Someone who makes something sound bad to make something else sound good.
Xbox graphics suck, Gamcube graphics are way better
by hammer November 17, 2003
It is a variation of the greeting "Hello", used as an openeing to someone you are sexually interested in.
"Jello, what's your sign"
by Hammer December 24, 2002
shotgunning beers in the nude
Topgun: you gonna shotgun that beer or just stand there

Hammer: Im gonna take my clothes off first and then hammer time it
by Hammer April 13, 2005
dildo that is made to be bigger than normal
By creating moby you have created a monster literally!
by HAMMER December 03, 2003
And incredibly long orgasm
Woah dude last night i had a peck.
by hammer March 12, 2005

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