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Generally "Hamid" is a Arabic male first name that has several meaning:

1.In Islam "Hamid" is one of the ninety-nine attribute names of Allah
A:his name is Hamid,he recently came from Iran
B:Hamid?it's a Arabic name right?
B:what a creepy name!what does it mean anyway?
A:what you care?come on "Hamid" is just a name,like any other,don't make a big thing about it
#hamid #admirable #laudable #honorable #god #praiseworthy
by Hamid2547 February 01, 2011
"Squeeze one out" can have many euphemistic meanings:
1) Narrowly win in a game
2) Give birth to a baby
3) Poop, as in
4) Masturbate, but this is the least-used of the four
1)"they squeezed out a victory, 1-0"
2)"I'm not going to squeeze one out till I'm, like, 30."
3)"I'm going to the toilet to squeeze one out"
4)I squeezed one out in the shower last night.
#squeeze one out #mean #idiom #poop #masturbate
by Hamid2547 October 03, 2010
1.to show an inclination to accept or approve
2.be pleased by
He doesn't take kindly to people telling him how to run his business.
#tend #be given #lean #run #incline #take kindly
by Hamid2547 August 12, 2011
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