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A very old or very unattractive or scary looking Cougar.
Did you see that old ugly hag chatting it up with Joey? Yeah, she's not just a cougar she's a Freddie Cougar.
by hamezz October 31, 2011
When a cop is driving under the speed limit and no one will pass him for fear of getting a ticket creating a long line of slow moving cars.
It seemed like it took forever to get here today because I got behind a Trooper who was in the left lane and was going 55 in a 70 and everyone was afraid to pass him. I hate being in a police parade.
by hamezz November 05, 2011
When the Editors of Urban Dictionary quickly publish a word (binders of women) that makes Mitt Romney look unfavorable but choose not to publish one that President Obama actually said. (not optimal)
Urban Dictionary would not publish my word because it made a democrat look bad but published a word that made a republican look bad just two earlier. What Shameful Bias
by Hamezz October 19, 2012
the bio mater spread by not washing ones hands after masterbating, having sex or using the bathroom
My roommate is constantly masterbating and he never washes his hands afterwards. Everything in his room must be covered with Jackteria.
by hamezz February 05, 2011
Extremely nerdy, not at all cool, practically a Canadian, totally void of any soul.
While flipping channels I saw the worst song and dance movie from the forties. It was Tragically White. Pat Boone White.
by hamezz January 24, 2012
A black man, not of mid eastern descent, who has converted to Islam.
Hey, have you seen Marcus lately? No. He's a Muslim now and goes by Yusef. Oh, you mean he's a BroHammed.
by hamezz September 10, 2011
Someone who has your best interest at heart but is always in your business and giving you attitude about your behavior and doesn't care if you get mad about it.
Why didn't you go the party last night? I was going but my older cousin heard me saying that there would be booze there and he threatened to kick my ass and tell my mom. He's such a BrOgre.
by hamezz September 13, 2011

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