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Conker's Bad Fur Day was a game published by Rare and released on the Nintendo 64 in 2001. It was marketed as an adult platform game and featured scatalogical humour, cartoon violence, sexual themes and many parodies. It received very positive critical reviews and over the years has gained a cult following.
In single player mode the player takes on the role of Conker and plays the game in a free-roaming environment. Conker can run, duck, jump, swim and fly by spinning his tail around like a helicopter for a few seconds. His health bar is represented by six peices of chocolate and he has a number of lives. "Context sensitive zones", allow conker to do things he cannot usually do such as use drunken abilities or turn into an anvil.

Conker's Bad Fur Day has a multiplayer option as well, featuring seven different minigames: Beach, Raptor, Heist, Death Match, War, Tank, and Race. Up to four players can partake in each multiplayer as well as numerous computer controlled players depending on the game type.
The story opens with a prologue, similar to the opening scene of A Clockwork Orange, where a miserable Conker says that he is now "king of all the land", and begins to tell the player his story.
The morning after a night of binge drinking, Conker awakes to find himself in an unfamiliar land with a terrible hangover. Having no other choice, he begins a long journey with the goal of returning home to his girlfriend, Berri. While he is trying to get home, he also must avoid the minions of the Panther King, who wishes to use Conker as a side table leg; his scientist, Professor von Kripplespak, meanwhile, is tired of being bossed around by the Panther King and plots his vengeance.2
Along the way, Conker finds himself in a variety of situations, including having to recover a bee hive from some enormous wasps, confronting an opera-singing pile of feces, being turned into a bat by a vampire, and even getting drafted into a war between grey squirrels and a nazi-like race of teddy bears simply known as the "Tediz".
While this is occuring, a thug working for Don Weaso, head of the Weasel Mafia, abducts Berri from her home with the intention of using her as an exotic dancer for his nightclub.
Near the end of the game, Berri and Conker are enlisted by Don Weaso to rob a bank. When they get into the vault, they find the Panther King, who has Don Weaso shoot Berri to death and prepares to turn Conker into a side table leg. About this time, Professor von Kripplespak reveals a xenomorph hiding in the Panther King’s chest; the xenomorph bursts out of the king, killing him. Don Weaso uses this opportunity to escape. The vault then turns into a space ship and launches into space, where the xenomorph attacks Conker. Conker opens an air lock, pulling von Kripplespak into the vacuum of space and making it easier to fight the xenomorph.
As Conker is about to be killed by the xenomorph, everything freezes due to the game locking up, and Conker is allowed to ask the Programmers for whatever he wants (who communicate to Conker with a command line). He gets a katana, and is transported to the Panther King's throne room. He then decapitates the xenomorph, and is crowned king, calling back to the prologue. Conker is unhappy with this result, however, as he does not want to be king, and he forgot to ask the Programmers to bring Berri back to life.
Conker returns to the pub at the beginning of the game, drowns his sorrows, and then stumbles off into the night again, except he goes in the direction opposite to where he went last time.
Person 1: I love this level on Conker's Bad Fur Day where you are turned into a bat by a vampire and you have to shit on villagers attacking said vampire's mansion then bring them back to the grinder to feed said vampire.
Person 2: No way man! The best level is easily the one where you get drunk then piss on all these flaming devils trying to attack you in order to put them out.
by Hamburger Phone June 29, 2009
New World Disorder is the name given to a series of popular freeride mountain-biking movies produced by Freeride Entertainment. The series has filmed several movies; the first of which, New World Disorder I was released in late 2000 and was a great success. It has proved itself to be one of the most progressive and popular productions in Mountain bike filmmaking. Each year a new movie is released that attempts to top the previous effort and push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible and this is what has contributed to its popularity. It relies heavily on music as well as jaw dropping stunts and tricks. It is also known for humorous introductions featuring the riders and humorous clips when introducing individual riders.
It has gone to locations as diverse as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, South America, China and Africa.
It has starred mountain bike legends such as Steve Peat, John Cowan, Paul Basagoitia, Darren Barrecloth, Cedric Gracia, Nathan Rennie, Wade Simmons, Cameron McCaul, Andre Lacondeguy, Sam Hill and Bender.
Darren Barrecloth: Screw You Coppers! You'll Never Stop The Disorder!

If you ever need to pump yourself up before you try something gnarly, watch New World Disorder.
by Hamburger Phone July 19, 2009

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