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To power cuddle; to annoy someone by physically touching
Jesse:"Tim can you get me the fruit roll-ups."

Tim:"I can't, Anthony is meaing me!"
by Ham1125 March 18, 2010
a nickname used for jewish cuban becuase they end up looking like cats
jesse is madkitty because he goes to temple but also has a cuban mom
by ham1125 March 24, 2010
to tease constantly; cunt like and extreme bitchiness with out being on your period
Cassie stop cassandraing me you are such a cunt
by Ham1125 March 22, 2010
to steal someones money while on a trip then return the money right before the person leaves for home
Nick blackmaned me with my 100 dollar bill
by ham1125 March 23, 2010
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