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Scene kids are pretty much taking over the world.
a typical chick scene kid takes about 421984029358032495 pictures of herself in her newest Value Village or garage sale outfit looking down or to the side, she posts them on her myspace
Scene girls also dye their hair in many random places with "unique" colors, they are obsessed with a no name band that probably sucks. They typicly like Hardcore,screamo,techno,or emo. they put random techno songs that no one has ever heard because its "different". they wont think you are cool unless you have 234246 friends on myspace.

a scene boy? yeah well they wish they were a scene girl. tight pants, eyeliner,and longish dark hair that is in there eyes. they can be dead sexy....but then get HELLA annoying.

Scene kids are obsessed with robots and dinosours or anything that they think no one else likes. they are obsessesd with being Hardcore HxC and they do their makeup with a million different colors and eyeliners.

find Scene kids them at any crap show, or all over myspace
common scene words

stfu shut the fuck up,
like whoa,
HxC hardcore
I was like listening to The Dead blah blah in my new neon jacket with my helluh tight polka dot earrings when i ran into that helluh cuntfaced girl lydia. she SO wishes she were scene like me. and oh my godz i was hxc dancing in my dinosour tee when i met this boy named billy and he had the eyeliner on like helluh he was so fucking hottttt!
by Halston [im a chick haha] December 21, 2005
Gwen Stefani's (orginaly of the band No Doubt)clothing line. LAMB stands for love angel music baby.
this is also the title of her latest album.
i just baught a L.A.M.B purse at Saks the other day.
by Halston [im a chick haha] December 21, 2005

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