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"Metal Face Doom" on the mic, "Metal Fingers Doom" on the boards, Zen Love X...member of KMD with Onyx The Birthstone Kid and Subroc (R.I.P)

he's Super-muthafuckin' Villain, love.
He hold the mic like niggas hold they girl tight, but he ain't after her, prolly a Acura, pearl white...
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
To ignore; the opposite of diggin'.
"Man, fuck that club! Them snobby skanks be iggin' me ruthless, cuz I ain't buyin' em drinks!"
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
1. A phrase often used by the late Big L of D.I.T.C. to describe a verbal rhyme style so good, it is without question and you'd be an idiot to doubt it is true, so remain as someone who doesn't speak in opposition to such a fact.

2. A person of tact and wit who always has something fresh and appealing to say, but is otherwise quiet and on the humble.
Eric: "Yo Dwayne, kick a freestyle!"
Dwayne: "What is you an idiot? I ain't spittin' over Big Pun! He's dumb nice on the flow!"
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
a white hipster who has never been to the ghetto, likes to talk like Black people, has no Black friends, listens to gangster rap music and still dresses in Abercrombie & Fitch and lives in a suburban household with racist parents. "Hood" refers double meaning of neighborhood and KKK headgear. "Dunce" refers to the ignorance as well as the pointy hats worn by KKK. Very often hood dunces are unaware of their ignorance, laughing it off with, "Its cool, bro!"
Mac: Yo, Abercrombie & Fitch is hiring!

Dre: Nah, Them hood dunces don't hire cats like me...

Mac: C'mon, didn't you wear a tie to the interview?

Dre: That hood dunce manager in the shell necklace said, "Yo bro, its all good, aight? Let's look at your work history, gee!" I'm good, kid.
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
When a person in a group conversation makes an obvious threat to cockblock, and blow up a spot on another after clear sign is given to change the subject or stop.
Guy: "You know you're the only one for me, girl!"

Janet: "Really? You so sweet!"

Emily: "Who was that one girl I saw you with yesterday, Guy?"

Guy: "Oh, my sister? We went to lunch. She prettier than you, Emily! Quit trying to deton-hate and go somewhere!"

Janet: "Aww, you and your sister....that's so sweet!"

Emily: "You ain't a player, fool!"

Guy: "Emily, get your hand off the red button and beat it!"

Janet: "Yeah, Emily, can't you see we're talking?"
by Haloed Griot May 04, 2005
1.A phrase yelled on a fast-break in basketball used to call attention to creativity exhibited before a slam dunk. To "shit-on" opponents with originality and flare.

2.Calling attention to aerial originality and finesse.

*Can also be applied to skateboarding, skydiving, snowboarding, diving and other aerial sports as well as fighting video games that allow air juggles.

Moe ~ "Yo, did you see Vince Carter on the allstar game last night?"

Mack ~ "No doubt, kid. Vince got mad dookie scripts."


Al ~ "You can't see me in Tekken 5...I use Heihachi and y'know he's strong!"

Doug ~ "Nah, I'm dookie-script lord with Nina. One uppercut and its over, son."
by Haloed Griot March 23, 2005
1. A room that is disheveled and of disarray after a very wild & kinky sex bout. Often the musty smell of dick and vagina lingers in the air of such a place.

2. A place specifically used for sex quickies. Usually a pornographer's casting call room.
Ex. 1~

Shannon: "Dad, I'm going to meet some guys at the movies...night!"

Dad: "Oh no you aren't! Your room looks like a mink titty den. Are you sure you were just studying last night?"

Ex. 2~

Casper: "Yo, these drunk hoes wanna fuck, but my Mom's home..."

Aaron: "No prob, we'll go to that mink titty den in the rec center, no one's there!"

Casper: "Good lookin' out, I'll drive!"
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005

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