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4 definitions by Halo Tricky

When people talk excessively in the lobbies of Xbox Live games.
Dude, can we quit having Xbox Live sex and start the game?!
by Halo Tricky January 04, 2005
The valve connecting a dishwasher to the water line.
Dude, tighten the cencus and it will stop leaking.
by Halo Tricky February 23, 2005
Someone that spends their entire life focusing on elecronics, mathematics, science, and technology but has no real emotional sense- akin to a robot.
Your a total robot wizard dude.

...What? Oh sorry I was coding.
by Halo Tricky August 08, 2005
Another word for hunger.

Derived from the everquest 2 in game pizza
ordering menu.
Dude, I'm kinda /pizza.
by Halo Tricky May 06, 2005