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A disney channel robot, star of Hannah Montana, and obv, the ugliest girl I have seen to date. She parades around in her underwear like its okay. She sends grossly innapropriate pictures to people, thinking there not gonna get on the Internet. Shes gonna be a washed-up Disney Channel star one day, probably paying for rent, by standing at a corner. Her fathers washed up too, and theres nothing to help his "Achy-Breaky Heart." I hope everyone knows how much of a slut Miley is, and how bad a role model she is. IF you say different, your fucked in the head.
"Ugh, your being such a goddamn Miley Cyrus"

Daughter: "Mom, I wanna be like Miley Cyrus."
Mom: "Honey, please don't use that word around the house."
by Hallee Jonas July 13, 2008

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