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An extremely superb piece of music. Songs 10 years and older can be considered to be "The Jam", although The Jam bears no age due to the fact that it remains timeless. Songs under the age of 10 years can sometimes show signs of reaching the maturity level of "The Jam" but are not considered to be "The Jam" for they will be one when it ripens after a decade of appreciation. It is found on many fm radio stations claiming to play: old school, classic rock, r & b, hip-hop, classical, jazz, alternative, country, etc. etc..
I love this song, I can't believe they're playing it on the radio right now.

I know, it's 'The Jam'


She all dillbot on top of that car and stuff mayn

Yeah dude, it's 'The Jam'
by Hall & Oates September 13, 2010

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