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To inadvertantly have smoke blow into your eye while taking a drag on a cigarette containing tobacco or other substances. An "Eye toke" usually results in moderate to severe, yet temporary discomfort and irritation of the affected eye.
Johnny cried "oww" and covered his eye with one hand having just takin an eye toke while smoking in the car.
by Haligonian Hangover July 14, 2006
Meaning "I am the one", literally "I am the boy". Common in the vernacular of Newfoundland, Canada.
Eyesabyes that builds the boat, and eyesabyes who sails her. Eyesabyes that catches the fish and brings dem home for Eliza.
by Haligonian Hangover July 17, 2006
Not to be confused with big cow udders, Tig Bitties are usually firm, round, mother earth breats.
Canadian dilect of tig bitties: Those are some right Tig 'Ol Bitties eh bye?
by Haligonian Hangover July 10, 2006
Short for Hurricain, the largest storm on earth.
Best be headin' for high ground, there's a cain a brewin' out to sea.
by Haligonian Hangover July 10, 2006

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