4 definitions by Half Ounce Jack

A Mixture of Weed & Tobacco grinded together

1."Yo lets go make a Mole Batch"
2."Moles to the Dome!"
3."Snap That Mole"
by Half Ounce Jack August 02, 2010
When a guy is at a party and is trying to get with a girl and another guy comes to the party and takes her
Charles: go get with Zarah!!
Jackson: No Bro arran already Swooped her
by Half Ounce Jack July 29, 2010
Dude i was so Berkeked last night!
by Half Ounce Jack June 20, 2010
When your drunk and High
When your high your Baked
& when your drunk your berkeked

so put it together and your berbaked
by Half Ounce Jack June 20, 2010

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