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1.The main character from american pop culture classic sitcom "Saved By The Bell"
2. to mastermind an operation smoothly in a half an hour.
3. to go to great extent to make personal disposition a reality in a half an hour.
4. to decieve everyone to get the girl in a half hour.
NOUN- "I was watching saved by the bell and that Zach Morris has the best style." "Go Bayside!"

VERB- "It's due in 20 minutes and i havent even started... i better figure out a way to zach morris this shit."
by Haldeen February 05, 2007
(verb);to gorlla knuckle-During sexual intercourse when the individual on top has both arms hyperextended with all of their weight on their knuckles or wrists. The lower body (with exception to the member) is flacid, allowing the arms to control the majority of the motion.
Billy has nasty rug burn on his hands becuase he gorilla knuckled too long last night.
by haldeen December 15, 2006
1. (verb) to trim personal hair around the genitals; to wax, pluck, cut, shape, shave, or curl ones own pubic hair.

2. (noun) a haircut preformed by self, to self that must be executed from a upside down perspective.
Before Thadius had removed his boxers as Kimmy requested, embarrasment dawned upon him for it had been awhile since he had given himself an upside down haircut.
by haldeen October 10, 2007
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