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a person whose natural essence is very Elmer Fudd/Rip van Winkle - like, emphasized by the fact that he is totally zoned out of his mind.
Hey Matt, stop acting like such a choochtard mcfuddywinkle and get back to work!
by Hal E. Wood June 22, 2006
Term used for any famous artist who kisses the ass of industry but is an asshole to his/her fans; a hypocrite of the highest order and a cog in the caste system that is Hollywood.
Don't even bother trying to get his autograph; he's a kissasshole.
by Hal E. Wood April 11, 2010
A combination of brazenness and density typically portrayed in loud drunken settings
Yo, that dude outside Bit Bar had such Brensity that I thought we'd all get arrested
by Hal E. Wood June 25, 2016
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