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The exercise where you tense a specific part between scrotum and anus called you PC muscle.
When you 'pull' a kegel it makes you smile if u do it right... And if you practice them you can have multiple orgasms.
Teacher: Hey jonathan what's wrong?
Jonathan: My dads just died and my mother has been jaxi-rushed by a bear.
Teacher: Anything i can do?
Jonathan: Could you please just leave me alone...
Teacher: Well you know what i do to make myself smile in times of distress... When i'm feeling down 'pull' a Kegel!
Jonathan: :D Man that feels good...
by Hakim Sanchez February 05, 2003
1) The game of pitting two Retards against each other, as if in a pokémon battle.
Holy shit i can't believe i just beat your wheelchair tarzémon with my deaf-dumb-and-blind-with-no-arms tardzémon.
by Hakim Sanchez February 05, 2003
Seikh who lives in the city.
Hoodie) Yo ma nizzle hows it hanging bro?
Gangsta) Yo mutha fucka it's hanging bad there's a new gang in town... The urban turbans and they wear shit hats.
Gangsta) Fo' shizzle ma nizzle
by Hakim Sanchez February 04, 2003
The art of backhanded slapping your woman into the air so as to make her go horizontal before she lands inflicting maximum pain to the breast region.
1) OH MY GOD... BIZATCH I THOUGHT I TOLD U NOT TO FUCK MY DAD?! I'm gonna demon-slap you right outta my bed then outta my house then over the balcony outside.
2) "Yo dude, check that hot old lady across the street"
"I know"
"Hey man i dare you to demon-slap her into the road"
"DUDE... Thats my grandma... But sounds like a plan". Guy walks across street and stands behind the old lady... As he asks for time before she turns around he screams "KIYOOOOOOOOO" and slaps her into the road... Little does he know that a bus is going at high speeds as she levels out in the air and will knock his gran silly... So naturally his 'Demon-Slap' is foiled but still good...
by Hakim Sanchez January 29, 2003

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