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7 definitions by Hakim Lewis

Nice sized weed buds.
I'm a Pan Handler, so i'll hook you up with a dime with extra Fruity Pebbles.
by Hakim Lewis June 07, 2005
My Squad; i.e. drug dealers, hustlers, and any one one their grind.
You sell dimes? I didn't know you was a Pan Handler.
by Hakim Lewis June 07, 2005
Basically a butter face,girl with a ugly face
That girl has a no no face
That's a nice ass, but she's a no no face
by Hakim Lewis April 14, 2005
Idiot,Dumbass, No brain, milli
If you didn't understand the Definition above, then ock, your a example of a see through head
by Hakim Lewis May 23, 2005
What happens when you dont have a dime? your broke. so basically a metaphor for a bitchs who's face is broke as fuck, shes far from a dime.
Hakim Lewis quotes,"Note: If a bitch is a dime short, that's worst than a no no face, but is equal to a tip drill."
by Hakim Lewis May 23, 2005
as in milli vanilli; fake, or a silly person
You niggas is milly
I like him, hes milly
by Hakim Lewis April 13, 2005
when your on that dro'and/or drunk, also someone whose actin' dumb.
Man, come pick me up by the church so we can get geeked up.

I'm geeked up, so don't blow my high.
by Hakim Lewis May 10, 2005