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3 definitions by HairyMelvin

An updated version of the Rickroll. This trick sends people to the video for "Teach Me How To Dougie" by Cali Swag District, one of the worst songs created in years.
He said he was sending me a link to a new mashup but he got me with a Dougieroll instead.
by HairyMelvin August 24, 2010
A collective noun describing the subset of men who have man-boobs (moobs).
Did you see that group of fat, bloated moobmen on the boardwalk? Those guys had moobs bigger than my stripper sister's implants!
by HairyMelvin August 06, 2013
A quick check that men do to ensure that they have zipped up their pants.
Bram's fly is open again. He needs to zipspec before he leaves the house each morning.
by HairyMelvin June 22, 2012