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The act of a giant black man beating a little white dude with glasses.
Did you see Shaq "ron artest" Harry Potter till he was a bloodie mass of puss?
by Hairy Pothead November 22, 2004
its bigger than a coffee cup and smaller than a toilet bowl and lil' kids and freaks peepee in it.. ewww!!
Daddy I need to peepee in my potty!!!
by Hairy Pothead November 14, 2003
a fun/fantasy book for everyone
there is 5 books so far and expecting 2 more series
a book that some ppls dis and hate alot cuz its gay
"harry potter is gay...harry potter is a hairy pothead"
"i love harry potter...i'm obsessed"
by hairy pothead October 09, 2003
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