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A Skronky is also matter that hits the window after a violent jizzing into the pants.
Although deemed physically impossible, there have been recorded exceptions in which this has happened.
Somebody in the act of doing a Skronky can be referred to as 'skronkers'.
It is uncertain what causes a jizz so violent it can penetrate pants and trousers, however it often induces a 'superorgasm', or one that is more than 17 times as large as a standard orgasm on the orgasm scale.

This phenomenon usually occurs in the presence of meerkats. Scientific explanation for this connection has not yet been found.
Justin: NYuNgHaRoOgaah! (jizzing in pants)

Hugh: What was that abou.....OH MY GOD WHATS THAT ON THE WINDOW?

Justin: I've read about this. OMG I think I just did a Skronky.
by Hairy Tosser June 15, 2010
Decended from the ancient greek word 'furgus', meaning 'limpit'

anyone who sucks up to people, tags along, or goes out of their way to make friends with important ,popular or rich people, can be known as a 'feargus'. In southern eastern parts of England this person can also be known as a 'fuckpuss', which is slang for feargus.

To feargus someone is to constantly badger, agree with or stalk.
Freddie: "You know I never see Dave without Rob nowadays.."

Sunil: "Yeah Robs a bit of a Feargus"
by Hairy Tosser January 04, 2010

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