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One of the originals. Influenced most 80s metal and rock bands. Rumored to now be a Christian conservative who golfs and owns a restaurant.
by Hairmetal October 21, 2003
Awesome 80s metal band from LA.
by Hairmetal October 21, 2003
Kinda like a "smart retard" or a "fat anorexic" in other words, non-existent.
by Hairmetal October 21, 2003
An term referring to certain liberals. To qualify, not all libs are hippies. However, if they smoke pot, don't work, and wouldn't fight off a rapist due to their pacifism, and do it all in the name of "peace" they are probably a hippie
Hippies are delusional potheads.
by Hairmetal October 21, 2003

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