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Effortlessly cool(on the surface anyway)and thoughtful, especially in the face of adversity or setbacks; a more ritzy way of describing "composure".
The new waiter Charlie's self-possessed response to the boss's tantrum and finger-pointing quickly established him as one the most powerful employees on the payroll: " The delivery list not having been updated in years is really no one's fault but your own. None of us here were hired to be mindreaders. Sir."
by HairBaron February 03, 2010
Willing to entertain and explore different techniques and ideas in bed without sacrificing one's own integrity.
More than any of the whole two classes on the subject he'd received in school, watching late-night CineMax every now and then inspired Kim to be sexually open minded.
by HairBaron December 03, 2010
The spiritual concept of a creator God who now exists within and all around us yet refrains from direct intervention and can only be experienced on an INDIVIDUAL basis through a combination of observing nature, rationality, and meditation/prayer.
The former Trappist Monk, after years of intensive examination and investigation of nearly every religion on the planet, now ascribes to panendeism, what he terms very close to the Native American concept of the all-pervading Great Spirit.
by HairBaron December 03, 2010

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