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When you have a quantity of money that would've made you considered rich in the 1950's. It usually shows that you have money to do some things but not enough to do extravagant things.
1: "Dude, you're 50's rich. Let's go get pancakes at IHOP."

2: "I can't go to the concert, I'm only 50's rich. Those tickets cost $700."
by HaileyandJacobBlack August 04, 2009
Combination of ramble and paragraph. A paragraph written in an e-mail, memo, or review that someone may write that goes on about nothing important, possibly one run-on sentence, that is left in even though the writer recognizes it's unimportance.
Last night I realized that I left my slippers at my girlfriend's house and I knew I should've went back to get them but I didn't even though I knew that I would need them to go out and get the paper this morning because my dog is effing retarded and doesn't fetch the paper like you see those dogs in movies do and today when I went out to get the paper I stepped in said dog's shit in my front yard and got it all over my foot.

Damn, that was a long ramblegraph. Sorry, dude.
by HaileyandJacobBlack August 04, 2009
A town in Texas in a suburb of Dallas. Near Wylie, Texas.

Highland Park's highschool football team rivals the Wylie Pirates who came in second place in the 2008 Highschool football state championship.

Snooty city who's residents are most likely rich.

Wylie kids only step foot in Highland Park if they are wrapping some Highland Douche's house, or on October 31 because those rich bitches give out full size candy bars.

Also Wylie kids may be found on HP soil if they are stomping those rich kids asses on their own football field because they pretty much fail at football like a bunch of giant pansies.

If you are editing this and you have ever played Texas Hihhschool Football, watched, or supported a highschool rivalry take place, or you like full size candy bars on Halloween, or if you have ever met a rich snooty douchebag, please select publish for the sake of all that is holy in highschool football.
Highland Park, Texas

'fucking snobby rich kids in HP

Wylie Pirates beat some Highland Park ass in their last football game
by HaileyandJacobBlack August 05, 2009

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