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One who goes to Urban Dictionary and looks up their name. They will usually scroll through a few selections in order to find the one they like best or is "most suited for them." They will then copy and paste the definition in their facebook status, a note, or their about me box. They do all this not realizing most of the people who add people's names to urbandictionary.com are creeps and stalkers who have an obsession with someone so much so they felt the world should see the unhealthy relationship.
Guy #1: What was up with that girl quoting urban dictionary for her about me box, if she is so unoriginal she has to go find some creepy definition, that was meant for someone else, to describe her she can't be that special.

Guy #2: She is an Urban Facebooker...that's how they are.
by Haharyne March 09, 2010
The Act of blinking, but in the process falling asleep when your eyes shut and startling yourself awake when they open. All in the timespan of a blink.
Guy 1: Want to stay up tonight?

Guy 2: No i don't want to blink sleep driving home.
by Haharyne March 06, 2010
When you are so tired you start blinking, and everytime your eyes shut you fall asleep then when your eyes open from the blink you startle yourself awake.
Guy 1 Don't blink sleep it sucks
guy2 I know I was blink sleeping at the movies
by Haharyne February 13, 2010
The act of warming your belly and cooling your laptop at the same time by lifting up your shirt so it doesn't overheat and your belly stays toasty.
Last night I had a dell belly going on and it was nice.
by Haharyne March 07, 2010
The act of saying something of high value to you personally and sending it to someone through a text message.
Guy 1: What did you tell her?

Guy 2: I was text confessing everything...
by Haharyne March 06, 2010
One who rapes face.
The man who was sent to prison was sent there for being a frapist.
by Haharyne March 08, 2010

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