7 definitions by Hah

Tatnall is a private school that has most of the kids that didn't get into Tower Hill.
I didn't pass the test to get into Tower Hill, so I went to Tatnall.
by hah February 23, 2005
is now said by the knights who to recently said Ni.
monty python...yea...
We are now the knights who say 'ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-fuhclang-zoom-boing!'
by Hah June 11, 2004
small blonde english person that bounces about this dull world! aka me
Noodl says Rarg!
by Hah June 11, 2004
a general twat.
Doesnt care about anything but himself. Treats women like shit.
And only communicates in violence
C Copson is a twat
by Hah June 11, 2004
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