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A clontarf is a feminized liberal male douchebag; a know-it-all phloom who has to have the last word in every conversation; a guy who uses puns, big words, and trivia questions to show everyone how smart he is; a dick weed who always corrects your spelling. Like a black hole, he sucks all other conversation out of the room so that he can only hear himself talk.

See also phloom.
We were laughing our asses off until that clontarf showed up. Fuckin' phloom!
by Hafsemi Rafsanjani February 28, 2008
1. An Alan Alda Feminized Liberal Male who has to have the last word or be the ultimate arbiter/authority in all message board threads he participates in;
2. One who starts threads to engage in running dialogues which he will respond to incessantly while re-casting your opinions in a light favorable to himself;
3. One whose puns and jokes were cool in 1962, but suck rotten eggs now;
4. Also known as a “Scrabble Master “
That phloom won't shut the fuck up -- he makes me want to b..b..b...ARF!
by Hafsemi Rafsanjani February 25, 2008
A phloom's ass kissing sidekick. The idiot who "feeds the troll" on message boards or takes the side of the douchebag in an argument. The phloom groupie mistakenly believes the phloom is cool, when in reality he is an assclown. Also known as a "phloomophile."
"Dude, help me out on that thread. That clontarf and his phloom groupies are annoying as shit!"
by Hafsemi Rafsanjani February 28, 2008

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