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The people who originate from the Kingdom of Tonga. The first polynesians. Gigantic, and have natural steroids; Ulu, and HorSe
Tongans are gigantic, and all have a natural ability to play sports. there are two types of tongan bodies. the big (fat) ones, who tend to be naturally strong, and the big (muscular) ones who are the dominant athletes of whatever group they are in until they decide to stop playing. TOngans are powerhouses in Rugby and Football.
Tongans are very nice, hospitable, and religious people. But when you make them mad they'll beat you to a pulp no matter who you are, or how strong you think you are.

Neighbor: Oh hey Sione!

Tongan Guy: Malo fred!

Neighbor: I heard your son won the MVP award today.

Tongan Guy: ah yess, he did. I fink it was for, *click sound* ahhh....fuut boll

Neighbor: haha, he is quite the athlete I hear. By the way, that is some good smelling food you are cooking.

Tongan Guy: haha, me and my family love to eat.

Neighbor: yeah, you samoans eat quite a bit!

Tongan Guy: ....

by Hafekasi April 20, 2008
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