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A song that will make you die inside, and cry on the outside.
I listened to fack. Then I had the sudden urge to spew fluids from all ends.
Me: I listened to fack by Eminem.
Timmy: OH GOD, I AM SO SORRY! *begins to spew from all openings*
by Hadvar's pimp December 25, 2011
When you are flirting up a shawty and then a douche bag comes up and prevents you from motor boating her rack. Also a synonym for cock blocked.
Brian was getting major pussy when Britain, a pretentious douche bag, comes right in the middle of their banging and ruins everything for everyone. Brian has officially been rack jacked.
by Hadvar's pimp December 25, 2011
When you are listening to a song and suddenly a random girl puts her hand over your mouth and rubs her body all over yours.
Taran was at his school dance.
Taran: hey this song is pretty cool.
Alex: I'm sneak grinding you, hard.

Brian was jamming out to Eminem when suddenly!
Brian: hey this song is pretty cool.
Grace: I'm sneak grinding you, hard.
by Hadvar's pimp December 25, 2011
A condition where every time a male has sexual intercourse with a female he impregnates her.
High schooler 2: Wow that's the 15th time in the past 3 years! That guy must have ultimate sperm.
by Hadvar's pimp December 31, 2011
When 5 males decide to have a male orgy. When this occurs, they all expel their bowels on each other whilst cumming everywhere.
Adam Levine: GUYS! GUYS! We should have a male orgy!!!
*Orgy begins*
Adam Levine: AAAAGH! AAAAGH! *poop comes from his butt hole* after this, we should make a band! It will be called Maroon 5 because there is 5 of us, and our penises are all brown from the poop.
by Hadvar's pimp December 28, 2011

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