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the opposite of culture the place where the masses of London go to congregate and discuss how amazing that crack in the floor is merely so they can have a shot at the cheap joke "I can see your crack" some "Gangsta's" probably misunderstood this and tried to get some crack using the method of staring at it for long periods of time.
Ive just had a full frontal lobotomy lets go stare at a cow thats been cut in half that they just got in at the tate modern.
by Haducum March 08, 2009
The use of a drum kit as a home exercise machine. Usually performed by one with "alternative" uses for a drum stick this results in a short hospital visit a brave doctor and a shit stained stick.
Jim: Were you at the reording studio yesterday?
Bob: No
Jiim: Ever seen Michael's drum kit
Jim: Have you seen the condition of his hi hat?
Bob: No whats up with it?
Jim: Well the cymbal's are not on and covered in sweat all the way up the stand
Bob: Yeah he must be using it as a Drumbell
by Haducum March 08, 2009

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