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The taste or feeling of Malt.
-Whilst sipping beer-
Mmm, I'd say this is a bit malty wouldst thou not agree?
by Hadjisan September 06, 2006
The art of being like a Koi Carp yet mildly Human.
Having spent his childhood in the company of the Koi, It was fairly obvious his state of being would be Carpisan.
by Hadjisan September 06, 2006
To strike someone unnecessarily.
I quotch'ed Carpisan in the face good and proper today.
by Hadjisan September 07, 2006
A state of Panic caused by flying in a lively manner.
Carpisan had a terrible case of Harpilivety after getting excessively Mashed.
by Hadjisan September 04, 2006
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