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A robbery. Usually face to face on the street.
Yo this is a zinch. Give me your fucking wallet.
by HackerJacks August 29, 2013
The best race of clearly superior people in the EVE-online MMORPG. The Amarr ships excel in armor strength and durability. Their weapons are laser based which use frequency crystals to acheive various ranges at the cost of damage. The ships grunt work is run by Minmatar slaves kept on a constant supply of drugs to keep them in line.
Caldari pilot: Ya the Amarr pretty much own our faces.
Minmatar pilot: I dun fly da ships good, more vitoc pleas.
Gallente pilot: They Amarr ships look the best, even more so than ours.
Amarr pilot: Can I interest any of you in a copy of "Pax Amarria?"
by Hackerjacks January 08, 2007
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