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53 definitions by HaHa

That beyonce is some serious toss material
by haha May 17, 2004
someone who thinks theyre way better than everyone else or anything really, very pleased with themselves, radio 1 DJ's who think theyre smart.
Lisa l'Anson, what more can i say?
by haha March 07, 2005
Opposite to microsoft
I have a big macrohard.
by haha September 04, 2003
(jack-ass)Noun:for sure the most stupidest thing walking on this earth. A dumb ass pansy who people tell him to state that he went to Yale. However this is obviously not true because as everyone has heard his kindergarden level speeches. And he said that he went to Iraq to "unsaddamize" it. he lives off his daddy's money and the money from the people to go on "vocation to do som unting." The puppet for Dick Cheney when he can't formulate words which is every second of every day. The person who says he is opposed to gay marrage however is on the down low with Tony Blairbut having a affair with Dick Cheney. The bringer of the apocolypse.
1)Dick: hey George... why don't you hummmm.... look around the White House for the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yeah thats it! The adults have to talk now.
Bush: O.K. prances around and looks under the sofa saying, "Nope no Weapons of Mass Destruction here. Maybe it is in the fridge????"
2)Just a plain DUMBASS WANKER!!
by HaHa January 19, 2005
someone can be unkind
you are so mean
by haha July 07, 2003
A person who knows what real music is.
All rock fans unite and crush the shit known as rap and pop.
by haha March 27, 2003
a delightfully robust person
guy: that is one hell of a nisha
other guy: true
by haha April 01, 2005