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A relatively large Long Island town located nicely between Amityville and Seaford; Comprised of Massapequa, Massapequa Park, North Massapequa, and probably every other compass direction.
Massapequa is notoriously known for its vast population of Jews and Italians, as well as for its ambiguous school district. The wacky and wonderful District 23 is just marvelous at first glance, but only a true Massapequan knowns what really dwells within the depths of the shadows.
Citizens associate the LIRR tracks with the 'good' and 'bad' sides of this town - those who live South of the tracks are generally wealthy and can't be bothered with the poor kids who live North of the tracks. Of course, this is all quite stereotypical.
Where there's a mall, there's a huge pile of teenage girls flocking to it. Most of them are sluts. Sunrise Mall, one of the most repulsive malls in Long Island, is home to stores that only seem to appeal to a certain ethnic background. Of course, that doesn't bother most of Massapequa, being as the trend these days is to walk around pretending as though you are of a different race. Other social trends include emo-ism, preppy-ism, wiggerish-ism, and punky-ism.
If slutty girls, posers, crap malls, nasty stereotypes, unfaithful book-burning schools and houses that price $400,000 + are for you, then come on down to Massapequa!

Also see slut, wigger, poser, soccer mom, and marsupial.

P.S - The next time you wanna add a definition to Massapequa, click 'add definition,' not 're-define,' you turds - you totally wiped out my last attempt at defining this Hell hole =)
"Hey, Bernice! Did you just see that pregnant girl in Starbucks? She must've only been about 12 years old!"
"Why, yes I did, Hector. She must be one of those Massapequa kids!"


"We live in Massapequa, so it's okay to burn brand new textbooks for our students! The district ordered the wrong ones, anyway, and we can afford to lose the money. No returns necessary, but we're probably going to get auditted again."
by Ha ha - I got your nose! February 18, 2005

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