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Three types.

One] Original hardcore:

Listens to bands such as Minor Threat, Municiple Waste and Agnostic Front. Short hair or dreads. Wears sports trainers or worker boots. Occasionally DM's. Never pumps. Band hoodie, faded jeans/shorts. Very strong, fights alot.

2) Modern Hardcore:

Listens to band such as Enter Shikari, Cancer Bats and Gallows. Emo style haircuts with fringes over one eye or gunshots. Checkered lumberjack shirts or band shirts. And all over print tees. Band hoodie. Tight jeans or all over print shorts. Sports shorts too. Big belt buckles. Pumps or Nike trainers. Vans too. Flatpeak hats or baseball caps. Appeals to extreme sports such as skating, parkour and surfing. Likes to mosh. Proper mosh, not emo moshing. But not fighting like original hardcore. Likes the idea on knuckledusters but doesnt fight.

3] Emo Hardcore: Likes band such as Bullet For My Valentine, 30 Seconds to Mars and Slipknot. Refuses to admit to being an emo. Wants to be a metalhead but got rejected. Wears tight jeans, shirts and hoodies. Pumps and Vans. Studded belts. Gunshot haircuts or real emo fringes. Black hair only. Basically, an emo who doesnt want to be called an emo and was rejected by the metalheads.
Hardcore Kid 1] I will stab you.

Hardcore Kid 2] I will shank ya!

Hardcore Kid 3] I will stab me.
by HXC || Elliot October 09, 2008

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