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Rap is a genre of music. Those who say rap is about only certain subjects are not being logical. The content therein is not what defines a genre. The content is what defines a sub-genre. But the truth is, all music is undefinable. No single definition can explain the huge web of music one influence can create. I listen to all rock and roll but metal, which may baffle some people, and I listen to all hip hop that I think is artful enough.People have been throwing out words targeting popular rap artists such as 50 Cent. NOT ONE ARTIST CAN ENCOMPASS AN ENTIRE GENRE OF MUSIC. The real reason people are going out of their way to insult what rap (and rock) music really is they don't feel comfortable with it. Music is not "good" or "bad". ALL MUSIC HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE ENJOYED, AS LONG AS IT IS APPROACHED WITH AN OPEN MIND. Your taste in music is affected by your life, what you are surrounded by, what you are told is good. People who could hate rock don't give it a chance because they don't want to be like people who listen to rock. Same thing goes for rap, which is what we have been seeing here.
Rap and Rock and Roll and actually very similar. Some Rock and Roll is about sex drugs and money. Some hip hop is about
the appreciation of its own music,equivalent to having a rock song about "rocking out".
Some say rap takes no talent. 1, that is completely opinionated. 2, they are mixing up musical talent with knowledge of music theory. True, Hip Hop and Rap does not require knowledge of music theory(although it helps), but it could be said that rap requires more natural, raw talent rythmic talent than Rock and Roll. It is not necesarilly true,and in some cases are not, but it could be considered. Again, genres are so wide, there is no way to not oversimplify.
The main thing is, you enjoy music that you WANT to enjoy. If someone gives you A TRIBE CALLED QUEST's THE LOW-END THEORY, and you say, I hate how these guys are so under-produced,than chances are you wont happen to like it after a couple of listens because you are giving it no room to grow on you. But if you have and open-minded approach towrads it, you might say, after a couple of listens, I feel comfortable hearing this, and I think it is great. Not many people who can describe an entire genre as "bad" like music itself enough to approach a new genre, and dig deep for something they like. They let the corporate heavies set the bar for all of this music. Hip Hop, Rap, Rock and Roll, are all judged, and should both not be viewed as Metallic, Headbanging nonsense, and Gangsterific, Shoot 'em up pointless talking.
The point is, if you love music enough, don't judge, and don't be lazy. Search for music, and don't let the pop get to you first.
Rock Lover: Rap is bad. It takes no skill.
Rap Lover: All you have to do is break a guitar to play rock.

The Truth: No sentence alone can describe music. Don't let WHO listens to music affect how you like it, and approach it with an open mind.
(p.s. For those who do and don't like hip hop, actually check out the what I think is a genius album "The Low End Theory" by "A Tribe Called Quest")
by HVD August 29, 2007

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