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n. The greatest person ever created. No reason to why they are the greatest or even who the person is. Some say it is Clint Eastwood. Some say it's a boy living in Michigan. But know one knows for sure.
Hey man take out the trash for me!

No fuck off i dont gotta

Who do you think you are?! John Copter or something?! motherfucker you just might be...

You know it bitch!
#john #copter #is #a #god
by Hutman93 August 17, 2009
term used to describe a situation that has occured that u didnt like.

An imperversion of what u currently choose
"Wow the teacher wouldnt even accept my homework!"
"Man thats just a BS salad shes given u!"
"I know what a fuackin cunt!"
#bs #salad #bull #shit #cunt #fuckin
by HUTMAN93 October 02, 2008
To smoke; To Hut

Origin: Natives in a hut smoking.

Slang for Smoking.
You wanna go hut sometime tonight?

Sure DAWG. We shall do this HUTTING. it will be rather jolly

Alright fun times.
#hut #hutting #smoking #jolly #slang #natives
by hutman93 June 09, 2009
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