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Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam is freakin amazin! I have it for Wii, it f-n' rox! i created my own dude and he rox i used to have it but traded it in, i got a new one 2 days ago i used to be a sensei on my 1st one, but now im a champion on my new one ( CHAMPION IS A LITTLE LOWER THAN SENSEI, either one or 2 levels difference ) you should buy it NOW!!!!!!
me: Dude, you Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam?

Dude: Nah man, I heard it's awesome though.

me: It is, go buy it nigga.

Dude: I'll ask my mom.

me: You better!
by humpface March 30, 2008
a fake guy your parents made up to make you look forward to all year. ( just to see you smile )
me( 5 yrs old ): hi santa.

parent: im not santa

me: fuk u ( i shoot parent and take gifts )

parent: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by HUMPFACE April 24, 2008
a pretty DECENT, NOT GREAT SHOW on nickelodeon (which sucks butt) there is carly from { Drake & Josh} she is the main character, sam ( her BEST friend) who does the web show with Carly, and then Freddie the homosexual tech producer who has the most obvious crush on Carly, Freddie HATES Sam because that sassy biach is always ripping on Freddie. I'm tryin to say dat icarly is alright.
some kid: icarly is awesome!

me: phhhhh, its alright, but I like Drake and ****in Josh more!

some kid: im tellin you cursed!

me: you're a fuckin rat!
by humpface March 27, 2008

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