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3 definitions by HUDeuce

Might possibly be known as the scariest online flash games on the computer of all time. At www.hotel626.com this game is ONLY available from 6pm - 6am to increase the atmosphere for the game. It takes place in a hotel where you are trying to escape. An interactive game in which you can use your microphone to sing a baby a lullaby in which if you fail it will wake up and murder you. You can also use your cell phone in which the game will call you and a man will guide you out of the hotel. Highly suggest you play with headphones in the dark for the full game experiance.
Rich: "did you play that game hotel 626 yet?"
James: "hell no that game scared you shitless!"
by HUDeuce June 19, 2010
26 1
The Slut From The Movie, "Sex Drive" All The Guys Were Into.
Andy: "Whats Up Ms. Tasty?"
Randy: "Whats Up, Whats Up?"
Andy: "Damn Your Hot As Fuck"
Randy: "Yeah"
by HUDeuce June 24, 2010
15 2
A flash game in which you are trying to escape an abandoned house. The game is all about clicking materials around each section of the house. The story is a girl of a family (in which you meet in the final scene in the corridor) has beheaded her younger brother, (first scene) poisoned her mother, (second scene) hung her sister, (third scene) and shot her father (fourth scene) In the final scene you flick on a light switch and she will soon appear in the middle. She then comes close to your screen and when you click on her she lifts her face up to show her repulsive face in which followed by a disturbing scream. You then get a letter reading that she just wanted to be with her family forever (odd way of showing it)
Rich: "have you played the house yet?"
Gordon: "yeah that game was scary as hell"
by HUDeuce June 19, 2010
13 2